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March 2012
Surveillance Switch is out !

You can now control Synology’s Surveillance Station directly from your Android device ! After a few weeks of development, the app is now available to all on Google Play. A Pro version with additional features is also available. More info on the products page and the FAQs.

February 2012
The decbin site is up !

Decbin has now opened its site. Please feel free to look around.


Surveillance Switch Pro

Control Synology's Surveillance Station from anywhere in the World over the Internet.

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Support for Surveillance Switch

In case of a "Network error"

When things don't go the way they should... Check your setup in the following order:
1) is the Surveillance Station functional ?
Check if you are able to operate it normally through the DSM user interface.
2) is the SSH service enabled on the NAS ?
Check it in "Settings", "Terminal".
3) are your Network settings correct ?
Check the IP adress of the NAS, Wifi SSID, root password and SSH port.
4) is the SSH port open from the device to the NAS ? Disable firewalls temporarily if unsure, then check again.


What is the difference between the free version and the Pro version of Surveillance Switch ?

The main difference is that the free version will let you control Synology(s Surveillance Station from the LAN while the Pro version will enable you to control the switch from anywhere on the Internet. The Pro version also offers a convenient widget.

How do I setup the NAS ?

Starting with a functional Surveillance Station, you only need to enable SSH if the service is not already running. There is nothing else to tune on the NAS.

How do I setup the Android app ?

You must provide the IP address of the NAS that is running the Surveillance Station. For the app to work, the NAS must be accessible through Wifi, the name of which (the SSID) must be given in the preferences of the app. The SSH port number is 22 if you have not changed it.

Who is this "root" ?

The "root" user password in the settings of the app refers to the root user on the NAS. There is no need to root your android device.

Which DSM versions are supported ?

The app has been tested with DSM version 4. It may work with older versions, though. Please let me know from the contact page !

Is the app available in my language ?

The app is currently supported in English and French. If you want to translate the app in your language, I would love it. Please contact me through the contact page.


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